Get Your Home Ready To Sell

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Are you ready to sell-sell-sell and get to closing?  I am too!  Here are some tips you can use for getting your abode in tip-top shape for 2017

  • Get rid of unnecessary furniture that is not going to make the move with you.  You can do it!  Donate, sell or simply move it around.
  • Organize your belongings - time for closet cleaning and getting rid of ill-fitting and unused items.  You can get a tax deduction for donations.  Go ahead and get it done!  The Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries will thank you!
  • Rake leaves, clear outside debris and clutter
  • Cover unused outdoor items in colder weather - consider investing in furniture covers.  They help you to look organized.
  • Consider home staging.  It's important that your buyers see how they can fit into your home.  Having a beautiful and clean presentation is key in attracting interest.  Remember - your goal is to sell. It doesn't matter whose couch or table gets that done.  Staging is meant to bring out the best in your home.   Taking out family photos is not personal. It's all about finding that "Better Homes and Gardens" look.  Get to closing!  
  • Update old appliances.  You do not need to go crazy and pay top dollar, but if you have older and worn appliances, it may make sense to update and purchase newer appliances.   Remember, your buyers will find out the age of appliances, and if they think they have to immediately replace appliances they will ask for credits.  Better that you are not pressurized in contract, and it will reflect better in your listing if you can boast new appliances.  It's the same money - better to give you control over the process and to avoid complaining buyers.
  • Clean your carpets and repair damaged hardwood.
  • Paint and repair or refresh trim
  • Stage a few plants indoors or out.

These are just some tried and true tips.  Feel free to ask me how your home can be presented to realize the best rate of return!  I make house calls!  You need a Rockstar Real Estate Broker.  Consider Alisa Levin and her team at Agency RE and EXIT Strategy Realty in Chicago.  Only the best will do.

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- Alisa